Ragdoll Fighter

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What is Ragdoll Fighter


Ragdoll Fighter is a thrilling action game. Your goal is to control a ragdoll character to defeat your opponents and collect as many resources as possible.

Welcome to the ragdoll arena where fierce battles between ragdolls take place. Your mission is to control your ragdoll character to kill other opponents while flying in the air. You can practice in the training room before playing story or survival modes. Try your best to get a victory to level up and raise your name on the leaderboard. The game rewards you with a lot of resources, coins, and diamonds after you win the level. Use the diamonds and coins you earn to purchase new skills, skins, weapons, and treasure chests in the shop. You also use the resources to create new items like weapons or runes.

"5 PLAYERS" and "NO WEAPON" modes are available to play after you complete level 10. Invite your friends or family to play this game now.

Features of Ragdoll Fighter:

  • 3 modes including story mode, survival, and training room
  • Weekly rewards and a lucky wheel with many surprising gifts
  • A shop selling many weapons and treasure chests
  • Leaderboard supports
  • Multiple players
  • Multiple maps
  • Incredible 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

  • Use the mouse to control a ragdoll character

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