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What is REPULS


REPULS is a most outstanding online shooting game. Here you and your teammates will use the most advanced weapons to defeat all opponents and control the map.

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To win in REPULS, you'll need more than just good aim. Pay attention to your and your opponent's weaponry, as well as your locations, in each combat; a clever player with a pistol may outsmart a foolish player with a rocket launcher if he outsmarts him.

Knowing how to read a map may make the difference between a proficient fighter and a complete newbie. If you use certain weapons in the proper regions of the map, you can dominate. Although the shotgun is worthless at a distance, it outperforms even sniper guns in close passages. Weapons and powerups appear on the map as well. Knowing where they are can aid you in turning the battle's tide.


  • Your weapons remain precise regardless of how you travel. Make a point of sprinting, strafing, and bunny hopping your way to victory.
  • Every weapon used on the battlefield has a certain purpose. You'll die if you try to employ the incorrect weapon at the wrong moment.
  • Most players die when they run out of ammunition in a firefight, therefore consider switching to your backup weapon by pressing [2] if you run out of ammo in the middle of a combat, as the legendary Call of Duty games have made famous: "Switching To Your Pistol Can Be Faster Than Reloading."
  • Smaller weapons are less powerful, but they are easier to switch to and can save your life in an emergency.
  • Also, if your opponent gets too near, remember that you may bash them with your weapon by hitting [Q].


  • By hitting [2], you can use your equipment. Explosives like frag grenades are used alongside items like portable jump pads.


  • Interactable things like portals, explosive objects, and gravity lifts may vary between maps. Knowing where to look for them and how to utilize them might help you change the tide of a battle.

How to play

  • Move - WASD keys
  • Change weapon - 1
  • Use grenade - 2
  • Reload - R
  • Right mouse button - Rifle aim
  • Melee strike - Q
  • Jump - Space bar
  • Use / Pick up items - E

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