Squid Game: Red Light Green Light

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What is Squid Game: Red Light Green Light


Squid Game: Red Light Green Light is an engaging game inspired by the Netflix Squid Game series. Stopping when the doll turns is the highlight of this game.

The entire game will play out in this manner: you will only be able to approach the doll after the green light is turned on. When this light bulb becomes red, you must immediately stop running; if you do not, you will be shot by those monitoring you from the edge of the battlefield. When the light bulb turns red, the entire platform you're standing on becomes crimson. Another key feature is that above the tree where you must walk is a counterclockwise-running clock that tells you how many seconds you have until you reach the robot face. You will not be allowed to continue the game once this time has passed.

The game's action is simple: your whole activity will be dependent on how effectively you manage to coordinate your moves over a large area in order to avoid being discovered moving by armed individuals monitoring you. As you can see, you're surrounded by a swarm of individuals wearing green suits similar to yours, all sprinting towards the mechanical doll. The mechanical doll is guarded by a squad of soldiers equipped with machine guns, who will fire at anyone who takes a step when the red light flashes.

Join this thrilling game now! The entire action takes place in a wheat field, from which you can only escape by the sides if you reach the robot face in front of you.

How to play

Click on the character you control to move towards the doll as quickly and safely as possible.


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