The Lost Pyramid

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What is The Lost Pyramid


The Lost Pyramid mysterious treasure finder game set at the ancient pyramid. Perfectly control 2 players to collect gold and meet each other to complete the challenge.

You can play on your own but with the dual keyboard control scheme, this game is great for playing with family and friends!

The player can climb and fire, player 2 has bombed and can throw punches, as well. Gather the scrolls on each level and attempt to solve the jigsaw. This title has more than 10 challenge levels and the gameplay keeps you on track. Be careful to watch for creepy mummies and traps on your health bar! Will you solve the pyramid's puzzles?

The game takes place in an ancient pyramid with dangerous mummies and deadly traps. You must collect all gold in each area and meet each other to complete it. More than 10 challenging missions to complete. Each character has different abilities and a limited number of lives. Several puzzles to solve while you play the game.

How to play

Player 1 controls

  • AD move
  • W jump
  • F shoot

Player 2 controls

  • Left and right arrow move
  • Up arrow to jump
  • L punch
  • K throw a grenade

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