Tiny Fishing

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What is Tiny Fishing


The principles of Tiny Fishing

Play Tiny Fishing to test your fishing ability. The game requests you to catch a lot of fish to get money and become the winner of the game.

In the game, when you click the Play button, the fishing line will be dropped. You have to move it to catch fish. You also focus on the big and rare fishes because they are valuable. You can fish them to increase your money significantly.

If you are keen on fishing, you do not miss the game. The game with excellent graphics and sound will not make you disappointed. You can join the game to experience it. In addition, you also join the Aquarium to catch fish directly without using the fishing line.

The upgrades in Tiny Fishing

  • The Max Fish: You can use your money to boost it. As a result, you can get a lot of fish in a turn.
  • The Max Depth: You should increase the max depth to fish the valuable fish because they usually live in the deep sea.
  • The hooks: There are many kinds of hooks, and you can exchange other hooks to fish effectively.

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