Pacman 30th Anniversary

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What is Pacman 30th Anniversary


Pacman 30th Anniversary is a fun game where you will control the character Pac Man to avoid the colorful ghosts chasing you in a dark maze.

In the game, you will move in the direction from left to right to go through all the roads with many dots. Collect all those dots and eat the fruits that appear along the way to collect more points. To move safely you need to know the mission of the ghosts that are hunting you, this will give you interesting tactics during the move. The first is the pink ghost that has the task of following your orders but does not help you to destroy the remaining ghosts. The second ghost is a red ghost, it has a mission to chase you, be careful with this ghost because when it eats a lot it will chase you faster. The third ghost is the light blue ghost, this ghost is very dangerous because it can transform into any ghost it wants so it has all the functions of the remaining ghosts. Finally, the orange ghost, this ghost has the task of reversing the direction to distract Pac Man focus and it often appears in the corner of the maze. Will you escape the siege of these dangerous ghosts? Let's start the game now!

Game Tips

Along the way collect blue dots to temporarily disable the ghosts. Take this opportunity to catch them and score points. But you should pay attention to the time because the disabling process will not take long.

In addition to this attractive Pacman 30th Anniversary game, you can take part in some new challenges in some games such as World Cup FeverElectron Dash.

How to play

  • To control Pac Man use WASD keys or arrow keys.

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