Electron Dash

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What is Electron Dash


Electron Dash is a running game with the challenge of conquering the end of the space tunnel. Join the game to experience great new features!

In the game, you will control an astronaut running on gem paths. Your task is to run and jump from platform to platform. Correctly align the jump point to reach the target accurately. Pay attention to choosing solid platforms to move and move to light blue platforms as little as possible. Because they are easy to crash as soon as you touch these platforms. Therefore, you need to pay attention to get the most suitable direction. You will also need flexible movements to jump and side to side to overcome difficult sections. In particular, the further you run, the more difficult the game becomes. You can't move as easily as at the top of the tunnel. With determination, conquer this whole difficult journey.

The game is not simple so this game gives you a second chance to continue your journey. On the way you move will appear red hearts, find a way to collect all of them. Because those spilled hearts will help you revive after unfortunately, you fly out of the tunnel. At the same time, these hearts will also raise your score a lot. Therefore, the more hearts you collect, the greater your chances are.


  • The game has amazing beautiful effects
  • Vivid graphics and many interesting ideas
  • Performance table by week, month, and year for you to strive for
  • Simple controls easy to play
  • Addictive engaging game

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How to play

  • Use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys to move. Use the W key or up arrow key or spacebar to jump.

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