World Cup Fever

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What is World Cup Fever


World Cup Fever is a soccer game that challenges you and your teammates to win this World Cup season! Choose your favorite team and start the match now!

In the world of FIFA, how have you played games? Here the game called World Cup Fever will give you great new experiences. At the beginning of the game, you form a fan team of 3 characters and play soccer to win the World Cup. You can choose this team yourself or let the computer randomly assign you a team. Complete the team set up and get ready to dominate the stadium now. With 3 of the best players playing on the field you also need to have careful strategies to win the matches. Take control and manage your team to win by scoring the most goals. Play the game and claim you are a champion team.

Also, the game has 3 tournaments to challenge your team. The game also offers some rules for you to go into the next matches. First, you need to win the matches to get through the tables, then win the matches, and if you make it to the final make sure you win to win the trophy. The team that scores more goals in ninety seconds wins so do your best in this short time.


  • Choose a football team from your favorite country
  • Graphics with amazing bright colors
  • How to play simple and attractive
  • A unique, comprehensive tournament

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How to play

  • Use the mouse to control the player.

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