Traffic Rider

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What is Traffic Rider


About Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a high-speed racing game. The game requests you to steer a motorbike to go as far as possible while colliding with other vehicles to get coins.

The high-speed racing experience in this game will definitely not let you down. Will you become a real racer? Join the game now to test your racing ability. You also invite your friends to join the game and compete fairly to determine the winner.

In the game, you must turn left or right to steer your motorbike. Changing your lane to avoid crashing into other vehicles on the track. When any collision happens, you will take a lot of time because your car is stopped. So, you should go fast and overcome other cars to continue conquering the track.

In addition, you do not miss coins on the tracks. You can increase your coins with them. As a result, when you complete the track, you can earn a lot of coins. Use them to upgrade your vehicle.

The outstanding features of Traffic Rider

The race tracks

The game offers a lot of kinds of tracks. You can race on a road in the desert, in the city, or next to a snowy mountain. The track is changed after each turn, so you will no longer feel bored. Why don’t you join the game to experience them? The game is available for you. Come on.

The upgrades

You can upgrade car accessories to make it even better. The engines, wheels, lights, and so on can all be replaced by better details. Let's purchase them from the garage. Additionally, you can purchase other bicycles. They are so expensive. You must try your best to get many coins. Then, use them to buy one.


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