Traffic Tour

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What is Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour is an extremely engaging level-based speed driving game. Join the game to have great driving moments and improve your reflexes.

Improve your driving skills by stepping on the car gas and start your driving journey now. Your skills are shown by avoiding other cars on the road, moreover, you need to have good forward observation skills to be able to choose safe directions. If you practice good driving skills, you will feel the great speed of the car you control and your driving distance will be less likely to be interrupted by unnecessary collisions.

Finishing time

In each level you will be limited to a certain amount of time, try to arrive on time to win. These time periods will be divided into different short time points. If you go to a checkpoint, you will be given extra time to go to the next checkpoint. For each level, checkpoint points will be located in different positions and the number of checkpoints will also be different. If the time runs out and you haven't reached the finish line, you will have to play that level again.

Useful assistance on the road

If you want to reach the finish line on time and only rely on normal speed, it will be difficult to reach the finish line, so the game has set support milestones to help you reach the finish line faster. There are 3 supports in total. These supports will help your car run faster for a certain period of time. They are distributed throughout the moving path, you just need to approach and collect them and you will achieve new breakthroughs.

Explore beautiful graphics

The game not only brings you exciting speed shots, but the game also offers great driving experiences through beautiful realistic graphics. Each level you will experience beautiful scenery and amazing changes in the weather. With innovations in graphics at each level, it increases the excitement during driving and enhances the spirit of conquering new levels. In addition, you will unlock many new cars including unique limited cars like in the same game City Car Stunt 3. Let's explore the beautiful racetrack in Traffic Tour right now!

How to play

Use WASD keys to control the car


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