Vex 7

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What is Vex 7


Vex 7 is a game that uses skillful skill to overcome a series of deadly traps arranged in a mysterious maze. If you want to win go to the endpoint in the game.

Entering the game you will see obstacles and dangerous traps waiting for you in dangerous positions along the way. Your task is to flexibly use running, jumping, and bending postures to overcome these difficulties. The roads full of sharp spikes or jagged teeth are in danger of you. Don't be afraid because you can pass them easily if you time them properly and follow the direction of the arrow. Try to get to all the flag points so you can continue the adventure at the location closest to the endpoint. Start the game and explore even more game levels.

In addition to how to move properly in the game, you need to pay attention to the gold coins that appear throughout the adventure. Collect all the gold coins to unlock exciting new skins and customize your character. Besides, you will discover a series of great new features when you collect a lot of coins. To earn more coins you can also participate in daily tasks. Lots of great unlocks for you, conquer the final destination, and even great upgrades when there are many coins.


  • Smooth graphics
  • Funny sounds
  • Many challenges for you to overcome
  • Own the most beautiful characters
  • Unlock a bunch of new skins

When you conquered all levels of this game, you can continue your adventure in Vex 3, Vex 4, Vex 5, Vex 6.

How to play

  • A/D or Left/Right arrow key to run.
  • W or Up arrow key to jump.
  • S or Down arrow key to bend over.

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