Vex 8

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What is Vex 8


Welcome to Vex 8, the 8th installment of the Vex obstacle course game. Enter the game and overcome the harsh training courses to win this game.

Continuous pitfalls

There are still familiar images of Vex 7 in this series, but the architectural pitfalls will surprise you. The traps are arranged close together, making your movement difficult. The obstacles in this part of the game are dangerous cogs, falling platforms, cannons, cog shafts that move like clock pendulums, pulleys, and many other dangerous traps. To overcome these pitfalls, you need to be more proficient in jumping, climbing, and crawling skills. In some segments of the game, you need to observe the best angles to avoid getting sidetracked. Try to overcome consecutive traps and touch red flags at each level.

Choose the right time

This game has a lot of moving obstacles, so choosing the right time to move is extremely important. Don't be too hasty to move if you don't want to be crushed by cogs and other traps. Pay attention to choosing safe spaces and clever ways of moving to overcome obstacles. You may have to replay each level multiple times, so be confident in trying all the options that you think will be safe to follow. From practice, you will gain more experience and choose a more suitable time for your next moves.

Many challenging levels

The game sets up many challenging levels for you to conquer. After each level you will know how many stars you have collected and how many times you repeat each level. More importantly, you will be certified to have passed the level and start moving to a new level. Each level will bring you its own difficulties, don't give up because this game is not for those who are easily discouraged.

Control the Stickman

  • Use W key or up arrow key to jump
  • Use A key or left arrow key to move left
  • Use D key or right arrow key to move right
  • Use S key or down arrow key to crouch

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