Bomb It 5

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What is Bomb It 5


Bomb It 5 is the next episode of the Bomb it series. With this episode, you will discover graphics, maps, and especially new extremely interesting weapons.

You can battle on new levels and engage in some new gameplay in this new episode. To prove to your opponent that you are the best in the game, use the bombs flexibly and devise a perfect strategy to trap the opponent. Besides, there are many types of weapons and vehicles waiting for you to pick them up! If you have participated in other Bomb It games, the first thing in this episode is similar. You have to move on the map of the game while trying to plant bombs to destroy your opponents. Prevent getting trapped at all costs to avoid being blown up or surrounded by other players. Remember to crush blocks to get power-ups to increase your damage and durability. Are you ready for a new strategy?

Besides the strategy you use in the game, the items will partly help you defeat your opponent. You might encounter power-ups that will provide you with various powers for a brief period of time as you navigate walls and other obstacles on your journey to your opponent. It may be a weapon, shield, speed boost, or even invincibility! To be the last person standing on each level, use them properly and defeat all of your rivals.

Overview of outstanding features in the game Bomb It 5

  • The game has great graphics
  • 4 unique game modes
  • 6 toy maps for you to experience
  • Customize your character

When you conquered all levels of this game, you can continue your adventure in Bomb It 4, Snake Game, Stick Duel: The War.

How to play

Control a player

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Use SPACEBAR to place bomb/attack

Two players control

  • Player 1, please use WASD to move and the spacebar to place bombs/attacks
  • Player 2 please use arrow keys to move and enter to place bombs/attacks

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