Snake Game

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What is Snake Game


Snake Game is a snake farming game with a completely new version. In the game compete with other players to eat a lot of food and have an admirable length.

As you can see the snake game is no stranger to us to being able to make a strong impression on players Snake Game has produced an extremely attractive version of the game with a series of unique features. Unique and beautiful graphics. Let's start this exciting game discovery journey now!

In the game, you will start with a small snake, and control your snake to go around the map to collect food. The food here is the red berry apples, when eating them your body size will be longer. This is a multiplayer game so other snakes are also looking for those juicy red algae. Be careful with your opponent because they can act faster than you to steal the apple. Also for you to grow quickly you can block the opponent with your body then your opponent will be destroyed quickly. But to do that you need your own tactics. Do not act hastily because you are also in the sights of other competitors.

Not every item that appears in the game will bring you good things. For example, you will see red bombs, they are very similar in color to red apples, but when you eat them, you will die immediately. Along with that is the blue water jar when you eat it, your length will be shortened, which is really detrimental to you. Therefore, before eating any kind of object, you should carefully observe what they are. Hope you will react quickly to avoid dangerous foods.


  • The game has addictive gameplay
  • Games for all ages
  • Funny sounds
  • Train your observation and reflexes skills

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How to play

  • To control the direction of the snake uses the arrow keys.

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