Stick Duel: The War

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What is Stick Duel: The War


Stick Duel: The War is an addictive shooting game, using basic physical skills to move, shoot down opponents and gain points after each level.

You will have the choice for yourself which is to play against AI opponents yourself or participate in 5-round matches with friends in 2 player mode. The game features 20 unique maps, updated character mechanics, and a variety of weapons. To stay alive, it will be required to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each weapon while avoiding lava and various lethal traps. Your Stickman will be able to double jump, use this special ability to surprise your opponents, and gain the upper hand.

Stick Duel: The War game will give you great entertainment moments with friends and relatives. If you love Stick Duel game titles, you can join some similar games like Stick Duel: Revenge, Stick Duel: Shadow Fight, and Stick Duel Battle here.


  • The game has attractive and diverse graphics.
  • Explore exciting levels.
  • Many dangerous obstacles challenge you to overcome.
  • Train your reflexes and combat skills.

How to play

Player 1

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the up arrow key twice to jump higher
  • Use the L key to shoot

Player 2

  • Use "W, S, A, D" to move
  • Press the W key twice to jump higher
  • Use the F key to shoot

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