Drunken Spin Punch

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What is Drunken Spin Punch


Drunken Spin Punch is an extreme boxing game between players on a ring. Score the most points to win after each level. Challenge your friends right now!

To have a decent bout, one would need concentration, strong hands, and a sound plan. However, you may notice their absence in this intoxicated match. These small inebriated stickmen can barely keep their balance, and moving them is difficult. Throwing a punch against your opponent is more difficult than usual when you're dizzy. These stickmen, on the other hand, have never-ending spin punches. As a result, you must tread carefully and sparingly with your fists. You should utilize your little energy that has been absorbed by the booze coursing through your veins to good use. So, keep a watch on your energy levels using the top-left indicator, and strike your opponent intelligently. The intoxicated game's champion might be the first person to acquire five stars by winning five bouts. You may put your intoxicated abilities to the test by playing alone against the machine or against a friend using the same keyboard. So get your inebriated punches ready, and try your best to stay focused on the game in order to defeat your opponent!

Tip game
It will take a long time for you to recuperate if you run out of energy. In this circumstance, you will undoubtedly be susceptible. So, when deciding on a combat plan, don't forget to factor in your energy!

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