Drunken Wrestle

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What is Drunken Wrestle


Drunken Wrestle fun wrestling game of drunk men. Based on the phenomenon of physics control your character to defeat the opponent and win absolute 5 stars.
You must have known the typical physics games with many different subjects such as tug of war in the game Drunken Tug War, or boxing in the game Drunken Boxing. Coming to the game Drunken Wrestle you will experience and discover the traditional game of sumo. In the game, use tricks combined with physics to hit the opponent's head to the floor as quickly as possible, then you will win a full star. The game is set up under many different modes. Each mode of the game the conditions will also be changed, the conditions will also locally change the main wrestling so you should adapt in time and come up with new tactics.

Drunken Wrestle features 1 player and 2 player modes, as well as a robot mode and a two-player mode. The game is playable on both PC and mobile platforms. The first to reach a score of 5 in the game wins the match!


  • Physics is both bizarre and amusing.
  • Compete against intelligent AI opponents.
  • Two players on a same screen
  • Various match fields
  • Avatars that can be customized
  • Infinite Mode

How to play

  • Player 1: Use "W" or Touch the screen to control
  • Player 2: Use "UP ARROW" or Touch the screen to control

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