Drunken Wrestlers

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What is Drunken Wrestlers


Welcome to the sports game Drunken Wrestlers. Show professional boxing punches to take down your opponent in the sports arena this time is your aim.

Rules of the game in Drunken Wrestlers

Entering the game arena you must always bring in a ready-to-battle stance whether you are controlling the red or blue boxer. The boxing punches will be the main attacks. Use the flexibility of the hands that can be rotated to attack the opponent in succession. Each boxer in the arena will be set up with an additional energy bar system. Only when one of the two fighters is exhausted, the other boxer will win. Two boxers fight in a row for 5 bouts. Whoever gets 5 stars first will be the winner.

Game mode

The game includes 2 game modes 1P and 2P. In 1P mode, you will fight with AI. This mode is suitable for you to practice concentration and move flexibly before participating in the challenge in 2P mode. In 2P mode, you will play against your friends on the same keyboard. Whatever mode you are in to win, you must get 5 stars first to win the championship.

How to control a boxer

  • Use the arrow keys to control the orange boxer
  • Use the WASD key to control the blue boxer

Challenge your friends to a game of Drunken Wrestlers to see who wins. If you want to find other boxing games you can refer to more games like Drunken Boxing 2 or Drunken Boxing: Ultimate.


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