Funny Mad Racing

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What is Funny Mad Racing


Funny Mad Racing is a fun and challenging racing game. Start racing and practice your driving skills to discover many new racing frames and new racing cars.

The game brings you a unique combination of fast-paced and eccentric racing humor. Designed to bring players new experiences, the racing car designs in the game will be different from traditional racing cars. In addition, you can participate in other thrilling driving games such as Traffic Jam 3D on our 2 player games page. Now, what are you waiting for? Join the thrilling and competitive race in this game right now!

The racetrack has many obstacles

In the game, you will explore dangerous racetracks containing many dangerous obstacles that can explode. The track breaks all the real rules of racing and gives you a crazy racing experience like never before. Because you will have to overcome a series of obstacles such as walls, high slopes, and deep abysses in the game. If you do not hold the steering wheel firmly and flexibly control your racing car to avoid overturning and losing control. Try to overcome obstacles as safely and quickly as possible because your opponent can finish before you and win.

Exciting challenge and multiplayer modes

The game becomes more attractive than ever when you will participate in many challenging levels. Each level will be carefully equipped from racing frames to dangerous obstacles that can challenge your courage. If you conquer the final challenge mode, immediately find a friend to start a new game with new players through 2-player mode. In game mode, you and your friends can freely participate in all races to see who will be the last to reach the finish line.

Unlock new racing cars in Funny Mad Racing

You will not be able to ignore the cars with many diverse models in this game. So how to get them? That's right, practice hard to pass the levels, then you will earn a lot of gold coins. Use them to buy the car you love, the cheapest car you can buy costs 7500 coins to own. So let's practice driving now!

How to control the car

Player 1:

  • Use the W key to move the car forward, hold the W key to make the car go faster.
  • Use the S key to reverse the car, hold the S key to make the car go faster.
  • Use keys A and D to keep the vehicle balanced

Player 2:

  • Use the up arrow key to move the car forward, hold the up arrow key to make the car go faster.
  • Use the down arrow to reverse the car, hold the down arrow to make the car go faster.
  • Use the left arrow and right arrow to keep the vehicle balanced

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