Perfect Piano

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What is Perfect Piano


Perfect Piano is a game that brings you to amazing musical pieces. To continue playing these songs, you need to have accurate piano key-tapping skills.

Coming to the game, you will be presented with a combination of many factors that will make you surprised. Your goal is to follow the keys as they slowly drift across the screen accurately. The keys are arranged according to the rhythm and will appear in three measures. When the music starts, observe exactly where the keys appear and then click them quickly so you don't miss them. If you are a person with a great sense of sound, clicking the keys will become simpler and more rhythmic than ever.

Challenging keys

The game will give you new challenges by stretching a few piano keys. These extended keys will appear unexpectedly depending on the rhythm of the song. You need to hold the key until the end. Thanks to the harmonious combination of split keys and extended keys you will enjoy the precise sounds of the song. Moreover, if you click the music keys correctly, your score will be significantly improved.

Great music

Music is an indispensable ingredient in this game, so the music played in the game is also carefully selected. Each song will bring you different melodies, making you feel more relaxed and comfortable when participating in the game. After completing each level, you will automatically switch to new songs with many new challenges in speed and difficulty. Here you also don't miss games similar to Geometry Dash Meltdown. Start experiencing new music right now!

How to play

Use the mouse to click the keys


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