RedBoy and BlueGirl 2

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What is RedBoy and BlueGirl 2


RedBoy and BlueGirl 2 is a game for two players on the same keyboard device. Find a friend to join the game and complete all the missions in the game offline!

The characters have heard of a treasure concealed in the depths of a forgotten cave in this chapter. Assist RedBoy and BlueGirl on their exciting journey through the jungle. Manage the two characters using the various controls to uncover the wealth concealed under the many difficulties. Discover all the treasure hidden in a wonderful cave by overcoming obstacles and traps. Remember that water cannot run into the fire, otherwise, you will lose the game.

In RedBoy and BlueGirl 2, go to the finish of each level and save this fantastic team from the cave's hazards. Good luck!

How to play

  • Use WASD to control Water girl
  • Use Arrows to control Fire boy

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