Sky City Riders

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What is Sky City Riders


Sky City Riders are adventure racing games. In the game, you will explore racing tracks on top of skyscrapers. Pass all the levels to become the number 1 racer.

Put on your helmet and prepare your wrist for wild acrobatics, ramps, and authentic motorbike noises in this game. Prepare to tap into your adventurous side. Jump off and enjoy the exciting rush in a city where skyscrapers are closer to the sky. Earn style points by connecting numerous stunts. You can unlock 10 different bike skins if you complete 10 races on time. Remember to use the NITRO power when traversing long ramps! Continue playing with a friend using the two-player option. Prove to your friends that you are the best cyclist! In Free Driving mode you can unlock "Multicolored Skins" by collecting 30 diamonds.


  • Realistic, attractive game space
  • Top 10 racing levels for you to explore
  • Live sound like a real race
  • Join the game with friends in 2 player chess

How to play

Player 1

  • Use "ARROW KEYS" to Move
  • Use "LEFT SHIFT" Nitro

Player 2

  • Use "W,A,S,D" to Move
  • Use "N" Nitro

Level Restart: "R"

Change the Camera: "C"


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