Soccer Legends 2021

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What is Soccer Legends 2021


Soccer Legends 2021 is an extremely engaging soccer solo game. In the game you will play the role of a famous player and show off exciting soccer performances.

Starting the game you can choose basic forms of play such as playing soccer with the CPU or soccer with friends. Besides, you can choose to play 1vs1, 1vs2 or 2vs2, starting to play each option in turn you will accumulate a lot more soccer experience. After you have chosen your team, you can choose to play against tournament opponents or play directly with your friends. You can participate in sports games with similar game modes such as Soccer Physics, Soccer Masters: Euro 2020, Mini Car Soccer.

To be able to win resoundingly in all rounds, you need to clearly understand the rules of this game. To score a goal you need to kick the ball into your opponent's net, each time the ball enters the net you will get 1 point added. Use tactics and techniques of flowing, jumping, heading, and quick kicks to score goals. Each match will take place within 90 seconds, at the end of which time the team that scores more goals will win. If you participate in tournaments after winning, you will continue to compete with other teams on the competition board, trying to win the championship in tournaments to confirm your top soccer talent in the tournament. this game.

Interesting features in the game

  • The game has realistic graphics and animations
  • Dynamic game mechanics, suitable for all ages
  • Choose your favorite team
  • Improve your strategy and soccer skills
  • Experience the game on all platforms like PC, consoles and mobile devices

How to control

Player 1:

  • Use WASD to move
  • Click the S key to slide
  • Use B key to kick the ball
  • Use V KEY to perform fire ball

Player 2:

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Click the down arrow key to slide
  • Use L key to kick the ball
  • Use K KEY to perform fire ball

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