Stick War: Infinity Duel

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What is Stick War: Infinity Duel


Stick War: Infinity Duel is a fast-paced shooter that requires you to seize the opportunity to seize weapons and take down enemies. Join in 1P or 2P mode.

Before you enter the official match you will have 3 seconds to prepare. You will then step into a full-fledged gunfight. Control your character to grab the gun that falls from above and start shooting toward the opponent. You need to aim accurately to take down your opponents quickly before they knock you down. Also during the battle, you need to pay attention to the terrain at each turn. If you collide with the moving cogs or fall down the cliff you will also lose immediately. So to win at each turn, you need to have flexible movements and top-notch aiming ability. Overcoming 5 levels, the player with the higher score will win.

If you want to practice your shooting skills creatively then I recommend you to join the single-player mode. If you want to challenge your shooting skills, invite your friends to join in 2-player mode. Hope you have a nice relaxing time!

Features in the game

  • Unique 2D game
  • Many types of guns for you to experience
  • The game space is constantly changing
  • Join the game with friends on the computer
  • The game is fast-paced and extremely attractive

How to play

Player 1

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Use the L key to shoot

Player 2

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the F key to shoot

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