Superhero Fight

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What is Superhero Fight


Join martial arts matches in the game Superhero Fight with friends to see who will be the strongest. Discover all the top martial arts in the world.

The game offers you, famous gladiators. Your task is to choose one of them to enter the match. Flexible use of keys is equivalent to martial arts poses, showing your strength and toughness. Consecutive hits will cause the opponent's mana bar to decrease. Whoever's energy bar is depleted will lose. After 3 rounds, whoever gets the first 2 green lights will win.


  • Unique 3D game
  • Realistic game sounds
  • Many characters for you to choose
  • Simple gameplay, easy to control

The game is made on the same keyboard so you can join your friends in this game. Show off amazing combo hits to show off your ultimate martial arts skills now!

How to control

Player 1:

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use T,G,Y,H,U,J keys to fight

Player 2:

  • Use ARROW KEYS to move
  • Use key 1,2,3,4,5,6 to fight

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