2 Player Dark Racing

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What is 2 Player Dark Racing


2 Player Dark Racing is a speed racing game under dangerous roads. Join your friends in a fiery race in the dark and show off your driving skills now!

Coming to this epic car race you have 2 modes 1P and 2P for you to choose from. Starting the game you will see the prominent streets with attractive neon lights. Start the car, and move at full speed to cross the finish line faster than your opponent is competing with you. The track is beautiful but also inevitably dangerous sections, watch out for collisions on the road and try to leave your opponent in the first place. Stay at the top of all races to get paid and unlock the latest supercars and motorcycles. Test your driving skills against your opponents with your racing car upgrades now!

In the game, you can invite a friend to join you on the same computer screen or race against the CPU yourself in the game. Explore all modes even freestyle so you don't miss any challenge.


Explore vivid 3D graphics with beautiful neon lines. Many game modes for you to choose from, including a shadow mode that makes the journey more realistic by clicking on the box on the corner of the screen "H" on and "L" off. 8 game modes with increasing difficulty for you to conquer.

How to play

  • Player 1 uses the WASD keys to drive and the space bar to accelerate.
  • Player 2 uses the arrow keys to drive and the L-Shift key combination to accelerate.

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