Carrom 2 Player

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What is Carrom 2 Player


Carrom 2 Player is a fun arcade game where you have to put all the black or white discs in the hole before your opponent. Join this game with friends or family.

In the game, make difficult shots and win against your opponent. The game is simple to aim at the striker and makes an accurate shot to make the shot into the hole. Intuitive controls will give you precise, lifelike pokes. Look closely to see how the plates are related to each other. Then adjust the angle of the shot, and you will easily insert the disc into the hole. The game is played in turn, from you to your opponent. In addition to the ability to observe you should also set up for yourself specific playing strategies so that the opponent cannot overcome you. Let's start the mind match right now!

This game is free to play. You can play this game on computers, phones, and tablets. Experience this great entertainment space now!


  • The game is similar to billiards
  • Challenge your friends to see who is the winner
  • Try any zig-zag at your level
  • The game is easy to control

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How to play

  • Use the mouse to move the disc and drag the mouse to shoot the disc.

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