Eggy Car

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What is Eggy Car


Eggy Car is an entertaining single-player game that requires your skilled driving skills. Prove your driving skills by driving the egg car go as far as possible.

Coming to the game, you will participate in a very unique car race. Your task in this game is to control a truck, carry a very fragile egg, and climb all the mountains to get the highest score. The score in the game is calculated according to the number of meters the car travels, so the farther the car goes, the more points you will receive.

Things to keep in mind when moving

The moving process is the most important in this game, you will see that moving will not be easy. If you don't care about the balance of the egg on the car, it will be difficult for you to move further. Depending on the road, you will have to skillfully maneuver the car up and down so that the eggs do not fall out. Surely you will have to practice regularly to gain more movement skills. Explore more skill-racing games in Drift F1.

Help on the go

The game will empower you through helpful help along the way. Appearing on the map will mostly be stones and magnets. When you own the stone, your egg will automatically freeze. The outstanding feature of this support is to keep the egg still on the cart so that it does not roll off the cart easily. When you get this help try to move fast to get over the steep slopes. Next is the magnet which will help you collect a lot of coins along the way. All of these helps can only work for a short time, so try to take advantage of them to conquer the longest race track.

Change truck

You will see that the truck is an important factor in keeping the egg safe. So keep upgrading your truck to be able to travel far without fear of easily falling to the ground.

How to play

Use the left/right arrow keys or A/D keys to control the vehicle forward and backward.


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