Penguin Diner

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What is Penguin Diner


Penguin Diner is a great entertainment game with the aim of serving the dining needs of customers in the best way. Will you do the best job for this job?

The place you work is a famous restaurant, your work will end at 9 pm. You will take on the job of welcoming guests, then finding them the best locations so they can enjoy great meals. After having a seat, the customer will order, your task is to inform the menu that the customer ordered to the kitchen. At the restaurant, the chef's work capacity is very efficient, so the food will be made very quickly and available at the counter. When the food is available, you will deliver the food to the location where the customer is waiting. After the customer finished eating and leaves, you will clean up and receive a tip from the customer. This job is very suitable for you to improve your management ability, so what are you waiting for, start this job right now!

Besides the interesting workflow and management process of the game, you will also receive extremely interesting upgrades included in the game. So how to own these upgrades! That's right, you'll use the tips you get after days of hard work to unlock useful upgrades. You can speed up the movement to make serving faster and more efficient. Besides, the upgrades will help your customers to wait more patiently. And especially after the 10th level, you will switch to another coffee shop to speed up your success to a new level. The title of the best waitress of the year will go to you.

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How to play

  • Use the mouse to perform servicing steps

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