Turbo Moto Racer

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What is Turbo Moto Racer


Turbo Moto Racer is an extremely realistic thrilling motorbike racing game. Start the game and experience memorable racing moments now!

Coming to the game, you will participate in a thrilling race with modern motorbikes and fierce competition. Entering the game, you will own a modern motorbike with a powerful engine. During the countdown, you will start driving the motorbike on a highway, on this road there are also many vehicles moving. Overtake all other vehicles to reach your destination on time.

Experience on the track

To increase excitement, the game offers many challenging racing tracks. These roads are staged with scenery ranging from city streets to beautiful mountain roads, even desert highways. The road is not easy when you have to constantly navigate your motorbike through curves and flexibly avoid other vehicles to avoid collisions. If you like speed games you can join the Highway Racer game suggested here.

Upgrade motorbikes

In the game you will have the opportunity to choose from many types of motorbikes with unique designs. Each type will have its characteristics and handling capabilities. To be able to own such cars, you need to collect rewards during racing. In addition, you can also upgrade your car's performance such as speed, acceleration, and handling so your car can achieve even greater achievements.

Realistic graphics and sound

The game will surprise you with its beautiful graphic design and extremely impressive sound that immerses you in the world of high-speed racing. When accelerating, you will see the sound of the engine gradually increasing and the sound of the wind becoming stronger, helping you feel the strange realism of motorbike racing.

Driving a motorbike

  • Arrow up to increase speed
  • Arrow down to brake
  • Arrow left to move left
  • Right arrow to move right

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