Drive Mad

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What is Drive Mad


Description of Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a great method to show off your driving skill. You won't drive quickly but cleverness is required in this game. Come and complete 100 levels.

In normal driving games, you usually drive a car at a high speed. However, everything will change with Drive Mad. Your car doesn't move at a crazy speed. Sometimes, it moves very slowly. You just ensure the car is always safe. With various levels, this game can lengthen your fun.

The gameplay of Drive Mad

You will be addicted to this game because of its easy rules. Reaching the destination is successful. However, it's very hard to master this game.

Go through the tough terrains cleverly

You can see the weak rope bridge or the high stairs. The slopes also are your problems. You need to move forwards and backward properly. Your car needs to step back to gain momentum uphill. You can't tilt your car, so be careful. If you car turnover, you will fail. It's time to challenge your skills. The difficulty levels will increase according to the higher levels.

How to play

  • Press the up or right arrows to move forwards.
  • Use the down or left arrows to move backward.

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